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Rey Lopez saw the very first television appearance of The Beatles in the United States on The Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 1964. He was 6 years old. Rey made music his life from that day forward. Born in Puerto Rico & raised in Miami, Rey Lopez began playing guitar at 9. He studied music for a year and then learned the rest on his own. At the age of 15 he began writing & composing songs in English and Spanish. He mostly enjoyed The Beatles, The Eagles, Peter Frampton, Heart and Foreigner.

Rey's own music is non-definable for the most part, and is influenced by mostly Progressive Rock from the 70's. However, while Rey grew up there was only one radio station that played all genres. Each and every single genre had a part in defining what he puts into his music, even to this day.

He enjoys mixing and fusing sounds from all eras and styles to form unique songs. He doesn't play only ballads, or only rock, or only dance, or only anything. He likes mixing all sounds together and making a little of each style of song. Variety is his mainstay. 

Rey performs ALL the instruments and ALL the vocals on his songs. His studio at home is extremely basic and a mix of a primitive and modern one which he calls "Rag Doll" for obvious reasons. He does all his own recording, mixing and mastering & produces all of his own music videos. Because of other obligations in life he has never been able to pursue more avenues in music or perform live. Hopefully with today's technology and more free time this can change.



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